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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

As we all know St. Paul's schools has announced that we will start the 20-21 school year this September with Distance Learning due to Covid-19. Distance learning is an education that is facilitated online, rather than a classroom. As the face of schooling is changing, for now, to a completely virtual experience, we are here to help make sure you have access to the resources you need to succeed.

Here are a few links and reminders to help you as you prepare for the start of the year.

SPPS Technology Checklist

SPPS Distance Learning Information

SPPS Covid-19 Response Plan

No one could have ever anticipated the difficulties that Covid has placed on our families and lives. No decision around schooling has been easily made and we at SAPSA are mourning the loss of our in person community with you. It is our goal to help our families the best we can by providing as much information and resources to help your family succeed.

Right now we know that the decision around full distance learning for the year or allowing your child to attend hybrid schooling ( if it becomes available ) is a difficult one. As the district has announced their plans to start full distance with re-evaluations to come every family is grappling with what decision to make. We want you to know that no matter the decision you make for your family, we will always be here to support our school community.

This article on the New York Times website by Pooja Lakshmin has a lot of great advice for handling the anxiety of back to school decisions.

We are here with you and we can get through this together.

Amy Raddatz | VP SAPSA | St. Anthony Park School Association

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