SAP Fun Club & Slack Channel

When we surveyed parents and guardians in early October, you all had many suggestions for ways for our school community to come together in these strange times. We have taken your suggestions to heart and are thrilled to announce two new opportunities for you to connect with each other.


We have spent our last few SAPSA meetings working out ways our kids can safely connect with each other in meaningful ways during distance and hybrid learning and are proud to announce the SAP FUN CLUB. All students are automatic members and all activities are free. Siblings, homeschoolers and former students are welcome as honorary members, as well.

We are launching SAP FUN CLUB with a three activities to keep young minds and bodies active over winter break: letterbox geocaching (older students), trinket trading geocaching (all ages) and a baking challenge. Instructions for all can be found on our website at

Upcoming activities will include Craft Hour, Bingo, online Pictionary. And, when the snow gets here, we will have a snow fort contest!

We do need volunteers to make this new machine work. Your volunteerism comes in a few ways:

1. Participation. Sign up for stuff, sign your kids up. Go to our website for more information on what’s shaking.

2. Hosting. Never hosted a Zoom before? Never called a Bingo game? Not a professional crafter? Do not worry. We will help you. This is a FUN club for an elementary school, you totally got this.

Got an idea for a fun activity? Let us know on the Slack channel (see below). We urge you to regularly check for new activities and sign-ups.


SAPSA has created a Slack Channel for parents & guardians. Slack is an application you can use on your internet browser or download to use on your mobile device. It moves us away from a public space like Facebook to keep conversations within our community and focused on the things we’d like to talk directly to each other about like distance learning strategies, learning pods, or childcare.

We have arranged things by grade level with an area for general topics that impact us all. We hope this channel will be a useful tool for you and look forward to some lively conversation about school-related and parenting topics. We kindly request you please work to re-create the cozy, welcoming space our school halls are with each message you leave or note you write.

Please no MLM (multi-level marketing) or selling on the channel. We may provide a free/barter/trade channel at some point if there is interest.

The link to join is here:

Please let us know if you have any questions,

Bryn Manion

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