Trinket Trade

How to play:

  1. Get an adult to play with you or ask for their permission to play. This will depend on your age and your family’s rules.

  2. Go to this Google Map and follow the clues to find Trinket Cache.

  3. When you find one, you will do three things:

    1. Open the jar and sign your name on the log sheet.

    2. Examine the contents of the jar. Select a trinket to keep.

    3. Add a trinket of your own to the jar. The trinket you leave can be anything. Think along the lines of a coin, a bead, a note, a sticker, a tiny toy.

  4. Put everything back in the jar, seal it tight and put it back exactly as you found it.

  5. Find all five jars!

Trinket Trade jpg.jpg

The Goal

Five sealed jars are hidden in a one-mile radius around St. Anthony Park Elementary School. Inside each jar are trinkets. You may take a trinket from the jar; but if you do, you must contribute a trinket of equal value to leave in the jar.   

SAP Geocache.png