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Who is SAPSA?


You are! St. Anthony Park School Association (SAPSA) is made up of Saint Anthony Park families, guardians, teachers, staff and community members. Our organization is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) focused on providing support for our elementary students. We aim to make life at Saint Anthony Park Elementary exciting, inclusive and enriching. Read our Bylaws here.

These are our goals:


  • Equity, Inclusion, Diversity

  • Academic excellence

  • Teacher/Staff Support

  • Enrichment

  • School Beautification

  • Active/experiential Education

  • Meaningful Community Participation

  • Joyful Childhood Experiences

How much do you fundraise?

In a normal school year ( non-covid ) we raise about $74,000.  

What types of things do our fundraisers support?

  • Classroom supplies

  • Artists-in-Residence: students in each grade get to work directly with an artist every year

  • Library coordinator and supplies

  • Tutoring and materials coordinator

  • Gardening

  • Running Club

  • Extended Day Learning

  • Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center

  • Speaker series

  • Community events

  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation

What types of fundraisers do we run?

  • Fall Festival

  • Spring Carnival

  • Read-a-Thon

  • Direct Donations

  • Silent Auctions

  • Dine Outs

  • Plant Sale

What does SAPSA do?

- We host fun events!

- We make room for listening to the needs and concerns of our school family

-We work together to fundraise to support our goals

-We get the word out!

How can I get involved?

- Attend events

-Attend a SAPSA or Advisory Council meeting

-Volunteer for an event or committee


-Share your ideas with us!


Click here to read the SAPSA

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