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Teacher & Staff Support

Do you have a need that is not addressed below? In addition to budgeted funds, SAPSA is able to receive current year funding proposals from our school community.  Our board can vote quickly on expenses less than $500. In years past, we have funded playground equipment, professional development seminars and classroom supplies. Please fill out this simple form for asks under $500.

If you have a proposal for an expense over $500, the proposal must be presented at the next SAPSA meeting and voted on at the meeting following, approximately 2 month turnaround time. We recently approved funds to support better library signage, more books for the school library, and even a fun in-school event with Ninja Anywhere, a mobile ninja warrior style obstacle course. Please fill out this form for requests over $500.  Please also be sure to email Amy Raddatz ( when you submit a funding request. 

Teachers & Administrators

20 Classroom & 13 Other

$250 per person

$8,125 Total

Angel Fund


Discretionary emergency funding


5 Specialists

$500 per person

$2,500 Total

Field Trips

$450 per grade for transportation (buses)

Administrator Fund

$750 shared fund

Enrichment Funding

Artist-In-Residence: $12,000

Art-MIA:  $1,500

Destination Imagination:  $1,000

EDL:  $1,000

Family Tree Clinic: $250

Patrols:  $500

Running Club:  $750

Wolf Ridge:  $5,000

Young Authors Conference:  $500


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