Staff Spotlight: Ms. Baerenwald

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Ms. Baerenwald was interviewed by Katerina Hanson!

Katerina: Do you have any pets?

Ms. Baerenwald: I have two pets. One cat, and one labrador dog.

Katerina: Who is in your family?

Ms. Baerenwald: I’m married to my husband Steve and then I have two daughters that are all grown up.

Katerina: Do you have any siblings?

Ms. Baerenwald: I do! I come from a family of seven kids! So I come from a very, very big family, Katerina! How many siblings do you have?

Katerina: Two!

Katerina: Where do you live?

Ms. Baerenwald: I live in River Falls, Wisconsin, on a little farm.

Katerina: What do you have on your farm?

Ms. Baerenwald: Well, I used to have cows and chickens and turkeys and horses.

Katerina: No zebras or giraffes?

Ms. Baerenwald: No, no giraffes and no zebras!

Katerina: What is your favorite place to visit?

Ms. Baerenwald: I like to go to Door County which is a gorgeous place in Wisconsin. Have you ever been there?

Katerina: No.

Ms. Baerenwald: It’s right above...well have you been to Wisconsin Dells?

Katerina: No.

Ms. Baerenwald: Oh, that should be on your bucket list. My kids said it was wonderful! But I like to go to the water. Door County is on the bay.

Katerina: What is your favorite animal?

Ms. Baerenwald: I think my favorite animal is the red panda!

Katerina: What do you do for fun?

Ms. Baerenwald: I like to do gardening and reading.

Katerina: Is there anything you’d like to be besides a speech teacher?

Ms. Baerenwald: I would like to be an artist!

Katerina: What are your favorite foods?

Ms. Baerenwald: Besides ice cream, I

Katerina: You can say more than one thing!

Ms. Baerenwald: Okay, I like pizza with everything on it!

Katerina: Tell us something interesting about you.

Ms. Baerenwald: Let’s see...I taught in China one summer! That was very cool, I loved that.

Katerina: That’s where one of my friends moved to. She was here in kindergarten but then she moved back to China.

Ms. Baerenwald: I don’t know if they have red pandas there, but of course they have giant pandas, don’t they?

Katerina: Yeah!

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