Staff Spotlight: Ms. Krider!

Emily: 1. OK, the first question is what is your favorite color?

Ms. Krider: That is a good question. Anybody who knows me at SAP knows rainbow is kind of my thing.

But if I had to pick one, it would be green because I like growing things and it seems like green is everywhere and it means new life and, yea, green.

Emily: That is my dad’s favorite, color, too. 2. The second question is what is your favorite candy?

Ms. Krider: Oh! There are so many. However, if really have to pick just one, I’m going to say Butterfingers.

Emily: Butterfingers?

Ms. Krider: Butterfingers! You bite it and they’re sort of flaky inside and it gets stuck in your teeth so it lasts a really long time but it doesn’t pull out your fillings like some of those other ones do. So, yes, Butterfingers. With Reese’s a close second. What about you?

Emily: Mine is probably Tootsie Rolls or Jolly Ranchers.

Ms. Krider: Yes, those are good, too.

Emily: 3a. The next question is a pretty long one so I wrote it out. If you were trapped on a desert island, what movie would you watch on repeat?

Ms. Krider: Well, first of all, it is February in Minnesota, so I would be super excited to be trapped on a desert island because it would be a lot warmer than this! And I have to pick one?

Emily: Yes.

Ms. Krider: Hairspray. I really like the movie Hairspray. A second might be Sound of Music. I have a thing for musicals! I really like musicals.

Emily: I would probably choose 9-to-5 or Hairspray.

Ms. Krider: Oh yea! Yea, yea, yea. Now, here is something, I haven’t watched Encanto yet and I heard the music is super good on that one. So, I might change my mind.

Emily: Yea, if you watch the movie, you should watch the music video, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” That is an amazing song.

Emily: 3b. Ok. Next question is part of the number three question - if you were trapped on a desert island, what food would you eat?

Ms. Krider: Ooh - that is a really good question. I’m going to say Sweet Potatoes and Mangos. How many can I have? Can I only get one?

Emily: You have to pick one.

Ms. Krider: Oh, that is brutal. Hmmm. Mangos – because a desert island is going to be really hot and it would be really refreshing to have mangos. Gotta go with mango.

Emily: 3c. Next question goes along with the other two questions again, what celebrity would you have get you off the island?

Ms. Krider: Does the celebrity have to be alive?

Emily: No, it doesn’t.

Ms. Krider: Oh!!!!

Emily: It can be dead or alive.

Ms. Krider: Dead or alive. Holy banana cream pie! This is a very tricky question. So, it should be somebody I get along with but not too much because you wouldn’t want someone you always agree with because that would be super boring. And I would want someone who has read a lot so that they could help me out with stuff I don’t know about. And it would have to be somebody musical so we could have some music in our lives if we’re stuck on a desert island. OK. I’m going with Aretha Franklin.

Emily: I have no idea who that is?

Ms. Krider: Oh yes you do! You know her music. Unfortunately, she is dead but she led a super interesting life and knew a lot of things that I don’t know about so that is who we’re going with.

Emily: 4. What is your favorite thing about Sienna? (Ms. Krider’s dog)

Ms. Krider: My favorite thing about her is that she gives love no matter what. No matter what kind of mood everybody is in. She loves to be with us and just gives us love. And her long, long, long, long, long legs are astounding. She is a greyhound and was a racer. So, those are my two favorite things about her. Plus, she is so sweet. She is the nicest dog. She looks up at me with these big soulful brown eyes when she wants a treat. She is the best.

Emily: 5. What is your favorite flower?

Ms. Krider: I like this flower called Phlox. It’s these little, teeny, tiny flowers and they are kind of spiky looking and are sort of low to the ground but they come in these super bright colors and they bloom both early in the spring and then later in the fall, they like cooler temps. And when they bloom in the spring, they are covering the ground with these super bright, bright colors and they are so eye-catching and they are wild. I like native and wild flowers.

Emily: This other question is what is your favorite board game?

Ms. Krider: Oh my gosh! It’s the train game! What is it? Ticket to Ride - I love that one! It is so awesome! We have the European version. You go through mountains and under tunnels. That one I really like. Second favorite board game is an old one called Trivial Pursuit because I love trivia. Another one of my favorite board games I also like is called Linkee, also a trivia game. Love it!

Emily: 6. My favorite board game I love is Chutes and Ladders.

Ms. Krider: That’s a really good one.

Emily: Yes.

Ms. Krider: That game gets so discouraging when you have to go “squeegsh” [made-up sound representing down] but then you can go back up.

Emily: 7. Why did you choose to be a second grade teacher?

Ms. Krider: That’s another really good question. I started out as an Educational Assistant and I didn’t know that I wanted to be a teacher. So, when I was working with kids at this school in downtown St. Paul, I loved the kids and wanted to be a teacher. So I went back and got my teaching degree. Then I got a job teaching 8th grade and I loved the 8th graders! They are so sarcastic. They are great! But then, they exited out of my building and I went and got a job teaching 5th graders. But then I heard about an opening from a friend at SAP for 2nd grade and I wanted to work at SAP so I interviewed and got the job. I didn’t know if I’d like 2nd grade but, I love 2nd graders! They are right up my alley. I have the same sense of humor as a second grader so it is a good fit. So, I chose the school but not the grade. And I’m so glad because it has been one of those happy mistakes that just happen in life. It has been marvelous.

Emily: 8. What is your favorite sport?

Ms. Krider: To play or to watch?

Emily: It can be either or both.

Ms. Krider: OK. Then you are going to tell me yours. My favorite to watch is tennis because I struggle with depth perception, and I’m always astounded at how they hit those balls [Ms. Krider makes a zing sound] right across the net and it is fast. And I like fast. And soccer. I really like to watch soccer. And my favorite to do or play is swimming because I get nervous if I’m being competitive because I don’t want people to rely on me too much, so with swimming, I get to be part of a team but I’m also doing it by myself if that makes sense. And I love to swim.

Emily: My favorite to watch is probably hockey because I like seeing everyone get pushed into the little glass part …

[Ms. Krider laughs and makes a crash sound]

Emily: It’s a bit weird except it is quite funny when they get their faces squished onto the glass. My favorite sport to play is probably swimming and basketball.

Emily: 9. Next question, do you like coffee or tea better?

Ms. Krider: I started to drink coffee only three years ago when SAP went to an early start and now I really like it. I only have one cup a day. Oh my gosh but it is super delicious. So, coffee.

Emily: 10. OK. Now you don’t have to answer this next question but, by any chance, was I your favorite student when I was in your 2nd grade class?

Ms. Krider: Emily, of course, you were my favorite student! Of course! Naturally! Ha! And then there was another child who was the one I liked the best. And there was another child who was the one I most appreciated. And there was another child who was the best. Do you see what I’m getting at?

Emily: Yes. OK, so that is all of the 10 questions.

Ms. Krider: That was a great interview! I’m very impressed. I just love that you are doing these interviews. Love it. Love it. Love it.

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