Staff Spotlight: Ms. Shomion, Art Specialist

By Edie Garramone

Edie: Question – Why do you do art?

Ms. Shomion: I do art because I love expressing myself and I love creating things with my hands. 👐

Edie: What’s your favorite color?

Ms. Shomion: My favorite color is turquoise.

Edie: What’s your favorite food?

Ms. Shomion: My favorite food is any sort of Thai food.

Edie: Why do you teach art?

Ms. Shomion: I teach art because I love art so much and I want to make sure all my students also learn to love art. 🧑‍🎨

Edie: What’s your favorite animal?

Ms. Shomion: My favorite animal is an elk; I love their antlers. 🦌

Edie: When is your birthday?

Ms. Shomion: My birthday is in October – the end of October.

Edie: Why do we make nature in art?

Ms. Shomion: We make nature in art because I think nature is so important. It’s important for us to love nature and understand nature and really look and value nature, and so I like to bring that into my art room, so that my students also love nature too. 🌿

Thank you, Ms. Shomion, and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! 🥳

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