Staff Spotlight: Ms. Walsh

Adeline: What is your favorite thing about a new school year?

Ms. Walsh: I love getting to see how much people have changed over the summer. Like getting to look at the first graders that were kindergarteners last year and my second graders who were first graders last year and how much you've changed in just a few months.

Sera: What is your favorite Science topic?

Ms. Walsh: I absolutely love teaching about plants. I think it's a lot of fun because I think plants are really interesting and sometimes they get called the boring subject, but I think they're fascinating.

Adeline: What inspired you to let your students decide your hair color.

Ms. Walsh: I had a lot of people in my life tell me that I couldn't color my hair or anything that wasn't a normal hair color and I was like, nah I'm over that and so I like having fun hair and I thought it would be fun to let you guys pick. And you guys picked really fun combos.

Sera: Do you have any pets? Like if you do have any pets maybe you should bring them and maybe we could see them.

Ms. Walsh: Well, I'm not gonna bring Jada the cat into the classroom, because she is not a huge fan of people that are not her people.

Sera: Probably because um, if I touched her then I have to wash my hands before I went home because my dad's allergic to cats.

Ms. Walsh: Yeah. Jada was a rescue cat. So, she likes to be with her people and no one else.

Adeline: What's your favorite animal?

Ms. Walsh: I love tigers. I think they're really cool, um white Siberian tigers I think are the prettiest, but all tigers are cool.

Sera: What are we most likely to find you doing on Saturday morning?

Ms. Walsh: Sleeping in much later than I meant to and then knitting.

Adeline: ooOOo

Adeline: What is your favorite book?

Ms. Walsh: Ooo, when I read this was one of your questions, it was a really hard question for me because I have so many favorite books.But one of my favorite books, especially when I was your age, were the American Girl books. I really loved those. They were a lot of fun.

Sera: I love American Girl doll books too!

Ms. Walsh: I begged my parents for American Girl dolls, they wouldn't let me have one.

Sera: What is your favorite time of year?

Ms. Walsh: Fall actually, I love it when the leaves start changing and I love it when it's a little cool.

Adeline: Me too.

Sera: I love spring, because spring is when it starts getting warmer and there are a lot of fun things like Easter, my birthday, and we do some things for the groundhog.

Adeline: I like summer and fall, too.

Ms. Walsh: Yeah.

Adeline: Do you have a favorite outdoor activity?

Ms. Walsh: I do! I love hiking. I'm a huge hiking fan. In fact, I actually just completed a virtual race and I just got my ribbon from that and I'm actually going to bring it into school, so you'll get to see it soon.

Adeline: Ooo!

Sera: Wow! That's great!.

Sera: This is the last question. Last but not least! What do you love to eat?

Ms. Walsh: My favorite food is sushi. It has always been my favorite. Well, not always, but it's been my favorite since I started eating it.

Sera: I love sushi. When I tried it I loved it so much, even though avocado is in sushi, which I hate avocados, but I still loved it.

Ms; Walsh: But it tastes good in sushi!

Sera: Yeah! I know!

Ms. Walsh: All right, we know her favorite food. What's your favorite food?

Adeline: I like... Caprese salad and beans.

Ms. Walsh: Oh, good choice.

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