Staff Spotlight: Ms. Williams

Ivette: What is your favorite book?

Mrs. Williams: Well, I have two favorite books. One is an adult book, for me. I love a Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken. I’ve loved it since college. And, I read you my second favorite book, that’s a children’s book. Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes because he is my favorite children’s author.

Zeynep: What is your favorite thing about first graders?

Mrs. Williams: That one is easy! How excited they are to learn everything!

Ivette: What are we most likely to find you doing on a Saturday morning?

Mrs. Williams: On a Saturday morning, I like to get up before my whole family and when it is quiet in my house, I like to drink coffee and read.

Zeynep: What is your favorite thing about the first day of school?

Mrs. Williams: Meeting all of the first graders!

Ivette: What is your favorite season?

Mrs. Williams: Summer! I love summer because in Minnesota it’s cold for so long and summer is so short. I think that’s why it’s one of my favorites.

Zeynep: Do you have a favorite school subject to teach? What is it?

Mrs. Williams: My favorite subject to teach is reading. I love reading, especially in first grade, because some kids come in and they know how to read, then they can learn how to read better. But some kids don’t know how to read and when they first learn how to read…do you remember how it was like magic when you first learned how to read? And everything started to make sense? I love that!

Ivette: What do you love to eat?

Mrs. Williams: Oh boy…well, mainly I just love to eat. But I do love Ethiopian food. I love eating injera. It’s a bread you rip with your hands, and you get to eat with your hands. And then you can dip it in food and I love potatoes with lots of spices. So, that’s my favorite food. It’s Ethiopian food.

Zeynep: Do you have any pets?

Mrs. Williams: We have two rescue cats! One is Vivi. She is an orange tabby. And one is Oscar. He’s a white and grey cat, and he acts like a dog!

Ivette: What is your favorite memory from this summer?

Mrs. Williams: Mr. Williams and I went to Seattle. And we took a ferryboat across the water and I loved looking back at the city of Seattle from the ferryboat. So, I think that’s my favorite memory: seeing the city of Seattle from the water.

Zeynep: Where is one place you have never been but would love to go?

Mrs. Williams: Can I choose two? I really want to take Mac and Selah, my son and daughter, to Hawaii and to Washington D.C. And if you made me choose, I would have to sit here for a long time! I want to go to Washington D.C. because of all the history there and show them that. But I also want to go to Hawaii and see all of the beautiful nature in Hawaii.

Ivette and Zeynep: Thank you!

Mrs. Williams: You’re welcome! Can I ask you one question? Do you have a favorite book, or even a favorite author or series?

Ivette: I think The Book With No Pictures.

Zeynep: I like Mercy Watson.

Ivette: Oh, I also like that one!

Mrs. Williams: She’s a porcine wonder!

Ivette: She really is…

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