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Ninja Anywhere, Friday May 20th: ACTION NEEDED

We have some exciting news for you. Ninja Anywhere is coming to us to host an unforgettable ninja event on 05/20/2022. We have included a link to their website so you can watch an awesome highlight video of their activities. Please take a couple minutes to watch it and then scroll down to complete their waiver. A waiver is REQUIRED to participate in the upcoming events. Please don't put us in the position of having to inform your child that they can not participate because they don't have a waiver completed. It would be way too sad! Thank you. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our upcoming ninja event.

We need a signed waiver from every student at the school. Click and select "Adult and Minors" (blue button on bottom right) and "Private Event" for the event date:

It would be awesome to get everyone taken care of before the day of the event, so please do it straightaway! If you require translation or assistance signing the waiver, please reach out to

Here's the backstory on this event. Back in early 2020, Ms. Paulsen pitched the idea of having a mobile Ninja course come visit the school for the day. From her proposal back in 2020, here is what Ms. Paulsen said:

I have been to a ninja gym in Roseville and talked with students at SAP that have taken their courses. These students are so proud of themselves! They show off their callouses as a badge of honor and are proud of the skills they attain. I think that the set up Ninja Anywhere brings to us provides for all skill levels and abilities . They have great reviews and have experience making the day the best for all involved. I think kids need to move more everyday and I think that team sports are only one way to accomplish this. Students need to have experience with all types of "physical education". This ninja warrior sport can be great for kids who learn more through individual sports and activities.

We loved the idea and agreed to fund it, but stinking Covid kept getting in the way of actually scheduling the event. But now it's nearly here! During the day May 20th, kids will get an hour by grade to have a blast. THANK YOU, MS. PAULSEN!!!! Did you sign the waiver yet (click here and select "Adult and Minors")

Notes from SAPSA Meeting on Monday, April 18th

Principal's Update:

Dr. Duke shared that we will be getting a Vice Principal next year! The school's 2022-2023 budget is expected at some point in the next few weeks. Advisory Council is saving the dates for May 3rd and May 10th for meetings to share and discuss that budget information with the school community.

We also discussed a plan to welcome families into for Family Fridays where families can accompany students in to the school in the morning then segue into coffee time in the cafeteria after classes begin. More information and details forthcoming.

Updates from board and committee members:

  • Thank you for stock up items for the staffroom. SAPSA provided lunch for teachers for the conferences. We will continue to periodically stock up and are planning a full week of appreciate on Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6.

  • SAPSA is looking ahead to 2022-2023. We will be sending out a questionnaire to touch base with all of you about volunteering for next year. We will send this home with the kids and ask you to take some time filling them out and return to us. Please expect in May.

  • SAPSA is $4,000 away from hitting our income budget. We have brought in $40,000 and our adjusted operating budget of $44,000. We will, however, be voting on our Q4 budget which will be loaded with funding for field trips, community events and end of the year celebrations; accordingly, we expect our actual budget spends to come in higher than anticipated.

  • Plant Sale (May 10-12) will be our last major fundraiser of the year. We have received $11,000 in presales! Volunteer opportunities will be out next week.

  • The school picnic will happen during lunch periods either May 11 or 12th.

  • Spring Carnival (May 13) will be free children under 12 and siblings of students. It will not be a fundraiser this year. More details below.

  • Ninja Anywhere: Did you sign the waiver yet?

  • The School Talent Show will take place Friday, May 20th at Murray Middle School. More details to come.

  • Funds recently approved: $4,000 for 5th Grade trip to Wilderness Inquiry, $350 to each 3rd grade teacher for a grade-wide trip to Mill City Museum, $225 for noise canceling headphones, $75 for May Baskets. We are looking forward to additional end of the year requests including 2nd grade trip to Saints game.

  • Yearbooks will be handled by a new vendor this year which will reduce overall cost and deliver before the end of the school year. We will again ask that yearbooks are handled by donations with the balance paid by SAPSA.

All About Spring Carnival

As noted above, the Spring Carnival will not be a fundraiser this year. After a few rough years due to Covid, SAPSA is dedicated to community building this year and next so we can connect with each other and for kids to have plain old unfettered fun. FUN and PLAY is a central component of childhood. So we are taking a break from mixing fundraising and community events for a little while.

In practice, this means that kids (siblings and all kids under 12) will not pay for dinner, races or games at the Spring Carnival; they will win tickets from playing games that they can then use to get treats or a chance to win prizes. It's that simple.

On the menu: frankfurters (Kosher/Halal available), chips, fruit and drinks. Everyone is welcome to partake! We will be sending out an rsvp to try to get a hot take on the right amount, so keep an eye out. Treats will be popsicles, popcorn and candy.

So what will cost money and what should attendees be prepared for?

  • Well, not every one is into frankfurters! You know what works for your family best. So, you are welcome to bring a picnic! You can also purchase dinner from food trucks. We'll have a full list as confirmations come in. Food trucks kick in a donation to us, so it's kind of like a Dine-Out Night!

  • Scholastic Book Fair! This will be happening inside the school while the carnival goes on outside. Please plan to carve out time to take a break from the loudness outside, to visit our very own pop-up bookstore inside the library. Proceeds will go to making books available to students at the read-a-thon and improving our school library. Cash/cards.

  • There will be a raffle for adults; all proceeds will go to off-set the cost of the festival. Cash/cards.

That's it in a nutshell. The carnival is open to friends and family; we ask that bigger kids, teens and adults consider volunteering and stay focused on yard games while we make space for the littler folk play the classic carnival games. We will be telling you all about the ways to lift a hand next week. Stay tuned!

From Our Friends At Langford Park Rec Center

Youth Sports Registration Dates
Download PDF • 2.99MB
Campus Flyer Summer Camps 2022 Full Color
Download XLSX • 62KB

What's For Lunch?

What's For Breakfast?


May 10th SAPSA & AC Meetings

May 10th Board Elections

May 10-12th Plant Sale

May 10-12th School Picnic (lunchtime)

May 13th Spring Carnival (outside)

May 20th Ninja Anywhere (School day) Did you sign the waiver yet?

May 20th Talent Show (Evening, Murray Middle School)

May 30th Memorial Day (No School)

June 2 Field Day (June 3 rain date)

June 2 Fifth Grade Celebration

June 7th Fifth Grade Celebration (RAIN DATE)

June 10th Last Day of School

July 31st – End of 2021-2022 Fiscal Year and Current Board Positions

August 1st – Start of 2022-2023 Fiscal Year and New Board Assume Positions

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