Wolf Pack Press, May 26th

Tomorrow: Family Friday

We look forward to coming together in community with you tomorrow morning for Family Friday.

Family Fridays will be happening every Friday morning until the end of the school year. Adults are welcome to accompany their students into the building, say hi to teachers a

nd then convene out front for coffee and donuts. School doors open at 7:15AM and school starts at 7:30AM.

Reminder: No School Monday May 30th.

This coming Monday is Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a national holiday that was established to honor those who have died in American wars. Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. It originated during the American Civil War, when citizens would place flowers on the graves of those who had been killed in battle.

Yearbooks are being printed and will arrive BEFORE the end of the school year! SAPSA is providing a copy for every student this year, but we ask that those of you who can chip in please do. You can do so here.

Field Day Volunteers Needed!


K-2 Field Day: Thursday, June 2nd, 11AM-1:50PM

3-5th Field Day: Friday, June 3rd, 11AM-1:50PM

All students will be participating in 11 game stations and relay races with their classroom. We will have traditional field day favorites like the sack race and the parachute. We will be playing water games where students can simply have fun with their class and get wet. We will also have many other races and games for the students to enjoy. It will be a fabulous day in the sun!

We need several volunteers at each station, so there are slots for up to fifty people for each day. It is a great way to enjoy your adult midday break with your children and have an absolute blast. If you can carve out some time to volunteer, your help will be so appreciated! It'll be a blast!

SAP'S Got Talent!

What a beautiful display of talent, humor and sweetness our kids showed us last Friday night at the SAP Talent Show. Congratulations to all the performers who practiced, sang, danced, flipped, mimed, cartwheeled, joked and played their instruments. We were so impressed to see them perform and know that behind each act was a spark of creativity and, often, hours and hours of practice. Bravo!

Thank you to Andy McNattin for pulling together the event on relatively short notice and for all the many volunteers who kept the show on track. There were a lot of songs to keep track of, mats to move and mics to adjust. Stagehands, you rock. Thank you!

4th Grade Puppet Spectacular!

Bart Buch and team made a triumphant return to SAP Elementary to work with our 4th graders on their puppet spectacular, a performance of the children's book, They're So Flamboyant. Our students created fantastical bird puppets, dances and music to tell the tale of a community's reaction when a flamboyance of flamingos moves to the neighborhood. A watch of nightingales, a band of jays, a pride of peacocks, a waddle of penguins, a venue of vultures, a mob of emus, and a gulp of cormorants and an unkindness of ravens all made appearances and entertained the entire school. Bravo!

What's For Lunch

What's For Breakfast

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