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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Leaders of the Pack!

This week, we would like to share with you some leadership opportunities in our school community.

Dine Out Fundraising Coordinator

Do you know the best local spots to eat out? Do you enjoy trying new cuisine? With a light commitment you'll be a great fit to help SAPSA as a Dine Out Fundraising Coordinator! Call your favorite local restaurants and search chain restaurant websites to develop about 6-8 dine out (or take out) events over the course of the year.

You will be the liaison on behalf of our school and in charge of booking the events. Our SAPSA board will support you with advertising, flyers and e-blasts to school once the dates are established. All communications must be translated into multiple languages. Please submit your ad/flyer well in advance of the actual date so SAPSA board can work with translators.

Please click here to sign up.

Service Project Team Leaders

We're looking for 2-3 Service Project Leads to work together as a team to identify organizations to partner with on service projects. Last year, we partnered with My Very Own Bed, St. Anthony Park Seniors and Project Reach. The team will create 2-3 service projects with a clear activity for the SAP Elementary Community and end date. They will also coordinate any necessary volunteer needs for each project.

Once projects are confirmed they will communicate the details to the SAP Elementary Community. The SAPSA board and school staff/teachers will support you and help you bring the project to fruition and completion. All communications must be translated into multiple languages. Please submit your ad/flyer well in advance of the actual date so SAPSA board can work with translators.

If there are deliverables (like blankets or coats), have a plan to get items to the partner organization. This will require medium commitment with planning meetings and availability during events. It's a great way to get the SAP Elementary Community involved with the larger community and help those in need.

Please click here to sign up.

EDL (Extended Day Learning) Music Instructors Needed!

Ms. Weisman writes: Our St Anthony Park EDL after school program needs music instructors for our 4th and 5th graders in the after school program. The school district is short staffed, and we usually have a full band and strings program. We also have a school set of decent ukuleles as well! I am very flexible and musicians who would like to teach or teachers who play an instrument would all be welcome. The program is Tue and Thu 2-3:45. Usually students receive small group lessons. I am very eager to provide a musical choice, and I’m open to various ways to do this. The program runs from Oct 26 - May 26. Please email Ms. Weisman at


SAPSA & Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Unable to attend meetings this month? At our monthly SAPSA meeting, we discussed the order for fifteen additional HEPA filters that SAPSA is purchasing so all classrooms will have these filters. We also heard a funding proposal from first grade teacher, Jennifer Williams, who has asked SAPSA to fund an additional set of First Grade Literacy Footprint readers. The SAPSA board will vote on that proposal at next month's meeting. There is quite a bit coming up and our meeting minutes are here.

At our Advisory Council meeting, we discussed planning for the school choice season, the ARP (American Rescue Plan) Advisory Committee, Energy Action Plan - Sustainability Advisory Task Force, the upcoming St. Paul School Board elections (November 2), as well as the Envision SPPS recommendations. We also heard from Dr. Duke who gave us her monthly Principal's Update. Here are the meeting minutes.

If you are curious in engaging with parents from across the district about these larger issues, please consider checking out the SPPS Parents Sharing and Support group on Facebook.

Next month's meetings will take place November 9th. Advisory Council is at 5PM and SAPSA at 7PM. Meetings currently take place on Zoom:

SAPSA Board Positions For 2022-2023

Almost our entire board will finish serving out our terms this spring. Are you interested in community leadership? Do you enjoy communicating with other parents? Perhaps you are really good at planning events? Maybe you just want to meet people with children the same age as yours? Board positions that will be open: Vice President, Advisory Council Chair, Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator, Communications Chair, Treasurer. Elections will take place in April/May 2022. Please reach out to Amy Raddatz for more information or plan to attend a monthly SAPSA meeting to see what it's all about.

Speaking of Elections . . . Election Day is November 2nd!

The Saint Paul School Board has seven members, each elected through a citywide vote. The board members are elected to four-year terms on a staggered basis. This November 2nd, Saint Paul voters will have the opportunity to fill four of the seven positions. Candidates will be elected from two pools. In one pool, there are six candidates running to fill three of the four vacancies. The three top vote-getters will each serve a four year term. In the other pool, there are two candidates running to fill one vacancy. The winner of this special election will be serving the remaining two years of a recently-vacated four year seat. You can learn more about the candidates in a number of ways, and we have tried to consolidate many of the resources here. Election day is Tuesday, November 2. Early absentee voting is open now. Information about how to register and vote on or before election day is available here.

Candidate websites: Saint Paul Board of Education At-large (three seats available, 4 year term)

James Farnsworth

Halla Henderson

Jennifer McPherson

Jim Vue

Uriah Ward

Ryan Williams

Saint Paul Board of Education At-large Special Election (one seat available, serving the remaining 2 years of a vacated term)

Jeanelle Foster

Clayton Howatt

Voter Guides:

League of Women Voters Saint Paul Voter Guide

Star Tribune Saint Paul City Elections Voter Guide

Candidate forums:

League of Women Voters Saint Paul School Board Candidate Forum 10/6/21

No School Days:

Thursday, 10/21

Friday, 10/22

Friday, 10/29

Friday, 11/19

Thursday, 11/25

Friday, 11/26

Digital Learning Day:

Tuesday, 11/2

Election Day:

Tuesday, 11/2


Wednesday, 11/17 (3-6PM)

Thursday, 11/18 (3-6PM)

Friday, 11/19 (All day)

Thanksgiving Break:

Thursday, 11/25

Friday, 11/26

Lunch & Breakfast Menus

From Our Friends at Langford Park

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