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Looking for a fun activity to keep your kids busy over the winter break and help another student? The Tie Blanket Project is back again this year! The blankets will go to homeless youth in the St. Paul Public School's shelter program, Project Reach. NEW THIS YEAR: we have a limited number of fleece material kits, so you have everything you need to get tying. They are available for purchase for $17 here at Pre-purchased kits can be picked up at your convenience at SAP on Thursday, 12/16 or Friday 12/17 from 3-6pm each day (if those times don't work, we welcome you to acquire your own fabric). We also have a few kits available at no-cost for families who need it - click purchase the link above and choose the "sponsored" option. Your family is also welcome to go to a craft store, buy fleece materials and follow the instructions posted here. Donations of new TWIN size blankets are also appreciated.

All blankets should be returned to SAP January 3-11th in boxes in the main entrance.

Please watch for a sign-up for kit distribution volunteers coming soon! Any questions, please contact

Donations Needed & Thank You

A hearty Thank You to everyone who has already made donations or plans to bring in items!

As you can imagine of an elementary school, lots of things can happen to clothing in the course of a day for our students! Our Health Office has put together a list of items that are needed on hand to make sure our students are never left uncomfortable during their school day. We need an assortment of clothing, from sweatpants and long sleeved shirts to shoes and can accept gently used or new items. As you are preparing your student's items for Monday, perhaps you will find some items to donate?

Here is our list with the specific items that are needed. Please use the sign-up so we do not inundate the Health Office with unnecessary items:

Items can be left with Rosaleigh Minder in the Health Office. If students bring donations with them to school in the morning, they can bring items to the Health Office. Donations brought to school after 2:15 may be left in the isolation room or at the front desk with Michele Brinkhaus.

If your student is in need of warm winter clothing, please reach out to Rosaleigh Minder at the Health Office at

Staff Spotlight: Ms Davies

By Maeve Gudmastad

Maeve: What’s your favorite color?

Ms. Davies: Oh my, that’s tough. But, my favorite color is green.

Maeve: Okay, what’s your favorite animal?

Ms. Davies: My favorite animal…I love dogs.

Maeve: Okay, do you have any pets?

Ms. Davies: Yes, I have a pet dog named Earl.

Maeve: Okay, what’s your lucky number?

Ms. Davies: Hmmm that’s a good one. It’s 23 because it was the day I was born and the day my dad was born, in different months.

Maeve: What are your favorite things to do?

Ms. Davies: I like to walk with my friends in the neighborhood. I love to cook, and I love to play my flute in a trio.

Maeve: What is your favorite food?

Ms. Davies: Ooooh, that’s a tough one. I love soups of all kind, and with lots of garlic.

Maeve: What do you like about your job?

Ms. Davies: Hmmm, just about everything. I love coming into the classrooms and teaching lessons. I like helping students find out that they are really good problem solvers. I like watching students grow up because I usually get to see you from kindergarten through fifth grade and see what great people you’ve become!

Maeve: What is your favorite book?

Ms. Davies: Oh, I have so many! Let’s see…I’m just trying to think. I think I do love To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s one of my favorites.

Maeve: Who is in your family?

Ms. Davies: In my family that lives in my house is my husband. My boys don’t live with me anymore but I have two boys. One is 22, his name is Henry. And Owen is 25. And my husband Mark is older than dirt. He’s in his fifties. But you know, I’m over 100! Those are very good questions! Thank you, Maeve!

Maeve: Bye!

Envision SPPS

On December 1, 2021, the Board of Education voted to approve Envision SPPS with some changes to the original recommendations; the votes were 5 yes votes and 2 no votes.

At the end of school year 2021-22:

  • Cherokee Heights Montessori program relocates and merges at J.J. Hill Montessori and Cherokee Heights reopens as a community school.

  • J.J. Hill Montessori relocates to the Obama site once remodeling is complete either fall 2024 or fall 2025

  • Galtier Elementary School closes and merges at Hamline.

  • John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary closes and merges at Bruce Vento.

  • Jackson Preparatory Elementary School community program closes and merges at Maxfield.

  • Jackson Preparatory Elementary School Hmong Language merges at Phalen Lake.

  • L’Etoile du Nord French Immersion (LNFI) lower closes and merges at the LNFI upper campus.

  • Parkway Montessori and Community Middle School closes and reopens as the Hmong Language Immersion and Culture Program upper campus (to Phalen Lake’s lower campus).

  • Riverview West Side School of Excellence community program closes and merges at Cherokee.

At the end of school year 2022-23:

  • Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary will close.

At the start of school year 2025-26:

  • Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented’s enrollment pathway will be expanded from Highland Park High School to other high schools so that students can attend their community high schools.

Please note the approved plan includes the following changes to the original recommendations:

  • Highwood Hills Elementary will not close and will remain open due to the neighborhood’s geographic isolation.

  • Wellstone Spanish Dual Immersion and BioSmart programs will remain open due to that site currently having a sustainable student enrollment size.

  • LEAP High School will not close to assess how to make this unique program more sustainable and financially aligned to its small student enrollment.

Vaccine Availability

Mall of America:

Wednesday, December 15th at New Brighton Community Center, 3-6PM. Make an appointment.

Monday, December 20th at Como Park Elementary, 3 - 6 p.m. Make an appointment.

Tuesday, December 21st at Battle Creek Elementary, 3-6PM. Make an appointment.

What's For Lunch?

What's For Breakfast?

Upcoming Dates

  • Advisory Council, Tuesday, December 14th at 5PM via Zoom

  • SAPSA General Meeting, Tuesday, December 14th at 7PM via Zoom

  • Friday, December 17th is Schools Spirit Day. The theme is Mismatched/Wacky/Backwards Day!

  • Winter break starts at the end of the school day on Friday, December 17th. Students have no classes December 20-31 and return to school on Monday, January 3rd.

  • Monday, January 10th -- Read-a-Thon begins

  • Monday, January 17th -- MLK JR Day, No School

  • Friday, January 20th -- Read-a-Thon ends

  • Thursday, January 27th is School Spirit Day. The theme is Beach Day!

  • Friday, January 28th -- Professional Development Day, No School

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