Wolf Pack Press, September 27, 2021

School Directories, Due October 1st

Please make sure to fill out this form to be included in the annual school directory. Please fill out one form per child:

The St. Anthony Park Elementary School Directory (aka "the Buzzbook") is the main resource for student and teacher contact information. It includes class and staff lists, as well as SAPSA, Advisory Council and district contact information.

Every family will receive a copy. You are not required to submit your contact information for the directory, but we encourage you to do so! You may include as much or as little information as you choose. It’s a great way for the kids to connect with classmates and friends and for families to reach out to each other.

Your information will never be shared with or sold to 3rd parties. It will be included in the directory and used for occasional SAPSA communications.

Fall Bulb Sale, Order by October 15th

We have raised $1,264 so far! We have a little over two weeks to hit our target of $5,000. Please share this link widely with your friends and family. Bulbs will ship directly to customers anywhere in the US! Click here.

Thank You!

This Saturday, many volunteers came out to help with our annual school clean-up. We trimmed trees, planted bulbs, watered, mulched and hauled several loads of yard waste away! We were happy to make new friends and very proud of how much hard work the kids put in to making their school yard spiffy. They were especially great at filling and pushing heavy loads of mulch in wheel barrows to the correct spots in the yard! Lots of teamwork and encouragement was on display. And you will never guess it, but every single donut was gobbled up!

Particular thanks to Dina Kountoupes who taught us which plants were keepers and which were weeds and for guiding us on the more intricate gardening work that needed to be done! We are grateful for all the work she does during the year.

Staff Spotlight

Which teacher loves sushi and white Siberian tigers? This staff member also loves learning and teaching about plants and has some of the most colorful hair at SAP! She's an avid hiker, knitter, and is looking forward to the beautiful fall foliage. Any guesses? It's Ms. Walsh, St. Anthony Park's Active Inquiry teacher! She was recently interviewed by two of her students and you can learn more about Ms. Walsh by reading their interview here.

Would your student like to interview a SAP staff member? Please fill out this form to get started!

Outdoor Lunch Survey

We are thankful for your participation in last week's survey. We received 165 responses of which 136 supported outdoor lunches and 29 did not. We were able to recruit 45 volunteers to work lunch shifts through November. Principal Duke has decided that even with this additional people-power in place, outdoor lunch poses too many logistical hurdles in regards to student and staff safety and routine to be feasible this fall. Thank you to those who advocated for outdoor lunches and to the volunteers who put their hats in to help. Thank you, in particular, to Hans Thomsen who quickly mobilized volunteers last week in the event that this concept could launch.

What's For Lunch?

What's For Breakfast?

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